Gallup's simple test to discover yourself

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August 25, 2020

Ask yourself these to discover yourself:

1. Have you ever found yourself into that yearning? Something you want so badly. You have an intense feeling of longing for something, typically something that you have lost or been separated from. That unspoken desired yearnings, that is the indication of truly who your are. Search for that yearning and give it a shape.

2. The 2nd indication is your rapid learning. You learn so fast that thing like it is programmed in you by born. Sometime what happens even if you get the best teacher comes and teaches you don't learn anything good out of it. But something you learn so rapidly! You know why this happens because you are hardwired for that to operate by default.

3. The 3rd indication of your true self is getting the flow of whatever you are doing! It can be your day to day job or anything else. You will find yourself getting the actual flow of that task so easily as if you are previously trained with it not necessarily you are qualified for it or not.

4. While having the flow of that task suddenly you will find a sudden glimpse of excellence with this task. You will think WOW did I just do it! That is what will indicate you toward your true yourself.

5. Satisfaction is the final one indication where you will get yourself truly and it does not necessarily need to be within your day to day work-shift. You may be damn tired, knocked out of your 9 hrs of duty but you will find that satisfaction right after the second you start doing that task. That is the true you.


Find that out and develop that passion in you to follow that. If you do follow that you will find the great ancient proverb true that if you do what you love, you will never need to work for a single day in your whole life again.

The knowledge taken from the very inspirational Anand Pillai. Have a look on this

Best wishes for you all.