Day - 19: Today I Learned...

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March 28, 2018

Day - 19 - 03/28/2018 - 01.26 AM

Accepting faults...

We are very good advocate on our faults but very good judge for others faults!

I am here today to accept bad qualities. Which can throw me out of that place where I could go! And honestly who would like to be dropped out! Only way to minimize this is to listing them out and work on them on a daily basis. So today I am about to make a list from myself and with the help of you all! Obviously there is so many connections those who don't know me as person but there is a well established saying that...

Mind can only be published with the words written or told!

It would be like blessings on me if you show my faults pointing on my eyes. I will have my best friends today! If you want to hear from me about yourself, I will be frank and 100% professional to share my feelings about you basis on your words, works and will make sure that it can be helpful for you.

About to listing out...

  1. Never accomplished anything
  2. Have forgiven but never forgotten
  3. Too much self-esteem

Well, these are the notable sites for me! Need help! need words from you all!

Looking forward to have something for the day to work on! See you tomorrow.

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