Day - 18: Today I Learned...

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March 27, 2018

Day - 18 - 03/27/2018 - 01.19 AM

Be the driver!

Be the driver of your own life! Driver means who drive obviously all the drivers need to select their own directions to go to the destination! Learn how to take your own decisions so that you can feel free with your decision, can shape your decisions over anything! Lot's of people out there are not genuinely able to make their own decisions because of not only the lack of confidence but also not having a proper vision.

And how to get a proper vision?

You need to learn it from your family! Only the family can instruct a child to be grown up with wisdom, with self management, with confidence and then it will automatically come a sharper vision to lead their own life. And obviously by being a driver you will have full and final control over your life! And so you can not play a blame game with anybody! Cause playing such a blame game proves that how dependent you are! That also proves your insecurity with your life! So be it, mean it but to change your mind have a look on this, by Gaur Gopal Das Click here to see it!.

See goodness in everything!

So last year I mean 2017 fall was so much frustrating for me! I was drop out from the university for the second time and was so much desperate to do anything! In fact I was planning to switch off my under grad subject and starting reading some other admission related staffs. And one day I was heard from social media that there is happening a session on Drupal 8 in SJ Innovation LLC, Sylhet. And as I had nothing to do, I jumped into it and I found some great interest in it and I continued! And see I am now an employee of that company!

So what was the moral of my story?

I was unsupported, frustrated, so much desperate but I wasn't hopeless! That's why although I was going through some other topics, whenever I was called for a session I took it and got a new another opportunity! To think in this way was learned by one of my mentors. Watch here if you wanna learn that too!

Never feel like that!

If you think you are the smartest man in the room then probably you are in the wrong room! Yes by being over-confident we sometimes feel like that way! But we shouldn't do that! I was learned this today when I have had such a feeling today and I was smashed by the time when I saw that there is a father for every father! So remember it!

Every action has it's equal or opposite reaction!

When we say something about anyone, it's so easy to say! But it's really hard to get it back! Because every action has it's equal or opposite reaction! I knew it but I learned it today from my roommate!

Stay focused! Stay humbled! Stay positive to achieve your goal!

See you all tomorrow...

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