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March 26, 2018

Day - 17 - 03/26/2018 - 01.26 AM

Friendly relationship Vs Formal relationship

Which one do you prefer to have?

From the superior godhead to the inferior one! I prefer to have a quality formal relationship! I am tremendously trained in and with formal relationship even with my parents! They always have matchless emotions for me as well as I have but we both never exposed ourselves! It keeps us in a way that makes me aware of everything whenever I do anything wrong, I must think of the values that was given to me by them only because of this formal relationship that we have! And I found it beneficial while dealing with formal relation is much more easier then friendlier relation. You need not to worry about what if relation ends! Cause the formal relation neither built nor broken. So it's really easy to maintain. Once I was learned from the biography of The Pope Pius XIII that,

Friendly relationships are dangerous. They tend themselves to ambiguities, misunderstandings, and conflicts, and they always end badly.
Formal relationships, on the other hand, are as clear as spring water. Their rules are carved in stone. There's no risk of being misunderstood and they last forever.

And he was absolutely right! Now, you need to know-- I do not mean to say that I don't appreciate friendly relationships. But I'm a great admirer of formal ones.

Where there are formal relationships, there are rites and where there are rites the earth order reigns.

I have plenty of examples for the good side of formal relationship. Friendly relationship can give you the happiness that may not be long lasting, but the formal one will never give you sorrow that is for sure! Because there is no demand in formality but friendly manner has full of expectations! The expectation that is not bad it's natural for all human being! But the expectation that the beloved one will fulfill my expectations can make you cry! can give you numerous unwanted feelings that can hurt you much more, you can even think of!

So, choose you relationship pattern! Make yourself determined with a formal way of life!

Let there be life with full of life! Thanks for being here. Hope you got some value!

See you tomorrow... :-)

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