Day - 16: Today I Learn...

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March 25, 2018

Day - 16 - 03/25/2018 - 06.29 AM

Why? How? What?

First find "Why!". Secondly comes "How"! After finding out why to do anything, you will have purpose to do and now you will automatically find out how to do that! If you continuously remind yourself that you are about to do something and you have the purpose to do so then you must be willing to find out how to do that!

Now question comes if we don't know "WHAT TO DO?" then how to find out "HOW TO DO!". Very logical! Isn't it?

Look, Let's have a reverse tour to our way to do something. So firstly you will not be able to find "WHAT TO DO?" and if you may found that with out having "WHY TO DO!" then it will not be long lasting! You will deprive of interest in it and you will quit! There is no question to find out "HOW!". It's also logical but very few will get it for the first time! They will start reversely with "WHAT" , then they will unable to find "HOW" and then They will again start with "WHY"!

I was learned from some spiritual scripture that there are three types of people around you!

  1. Who learn by doing anything
  2. Who learn by observing anything
  3. Who learn by hearing anything

Let me explain with an example!

  1. If someone tells you that smoking is injurious to health, it can cause CANCER! You will laugh, ignore and learn how to smoke! You the kind of a people will not believe it until you have had cancer!
  2. Now another scenario can be one of your friend will have cancer after having so much smoking! You will ignore it to testify either it is true or not by continuing smoking! Now one day your friend will die, after observing it and you will quit smoking!
  3. Now the other type of people will learn by hearing from his/her superior that smoking can cause cancer and ultimately unexpected death! and after hearing this you will justify it by your intelligence and if you find it logical you will quit smoking without touching or testing it for once!

Which of the way is the best, it's up to you! You can go reverse or straight by using your intelligence!

With a greater PURPOSE to do anything, you could be able to find out a way to do so! And you can do anything which can fulfill yourself with joy to do that! So you need not to worry about "WHAT"!

Defeat me with your logic! and also find out yourself that which category you belong to! let me know and prove that you are the best!

Be with your intelligence always to find out "WHY? HOW! & WHAT?"

Start with your day with a new you... Wish you a very best of luck.

See you tomorrow. Till then.... :-)

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