Day - 15: Today I Learn...

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March 24, 2018

Day - 15 - 03/24/2018 - 04.19 AM

Why? How? What?

"Start with why!" I was once told by one of my mentors. But I was not used to start with "why"! I liked much more the word "what" than "why"! And I started asking "what to do?", "what to do?", "what to do?"! I became more frustrated when I didn't find my answer. And then I ask myself that, "Why I am not finding anything to do?". And then I found my answer. Want to know how I found my answer? By starting asking "why"!

"Why should I do that?" || "Why Am I asking why?" || "Why to start with why?" !!!

These are most important questions ever! So let's try to answer all these question!

Why to start with why?

Asking these questions before start doing anything, can make that work you are about to start meaningful and purposeful! And most probably you can do it faster! because now you know why to do? You will automatically have a goal that you need to do it for that purpose. If you don't have any purpose to do anything than why to do! Find your purpose! And without asking WHY you can't! And obviously every meaningful things are more interesting to do! Who doesn't love to do interesting things! Well, Interest differs! It depends on people's mind!

Some people drink milk by selling alcohol and some people drink alcohol by selling milk!

Again all the fingers are not that same! but all fingers are valuable from their places! But we use the most useful finger most! Isn't it? It can be anyone! So try to be that finger which can instruct millions of minds to the absolute way to success! And always mind it that when you are trying to be that finger another four are pointing to you, waiting to catch you on every mistaken steps from you!

Isn't it funny! that every light needs a light to enlighten itself! So be enlightened from another light first to light another! By this way the whole world can be enlighten. Otherwise not!

Why am I here?

I don't know, why are you here! How can I? May be you love me! or may be you love to read! but important thing is to find out your own WHY!

Find your "WHY"!

Let me know if you got yours! Will be happy to hear from you all. Will continue rest of two in the following days! Hope you all will instruct me the right way to do so...

Love you all. See you all tomorrow, till then...



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