Day - 14: Today I Learn...

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March 23, 2018

Day - 14 - 03/23/2018 - 12.29 AM

What do you do to be remain consistent?

Ever since I have started this year I was trying to be more remarkable! more consistent! and more career oriented! I can still remember the very beginning of this year 2018, I was so much tensed about my life! I was finding some other way to become more punctual! And I started following Gaur Gopal Das with his extraordinary lectures on changing habits! I was amazed by him. Actually by those days I was applying more than 20 companies for a job! and also was interviewed by more than 12 companies. And also being rejected from most of them!

But I am really a very self motivated person! Although it's the truth that,

Nobody can make you motivated until you make yourself!

So I started having small daily goals like will complete one previous year question of IBA, DU everyday, will see at most 5 video tutorials a day etc. I was also tried to be ready for the admission test of IBA in DU. And,

This part of my life is called, " Having so many goals! "

And on that time I learned that, having smaller goals and sharing them with friends and family helps in remaining motivated and consistent. Along with perseverance which can be difficult. So here is my one!

What do you do to be remain consistent?

And if you ask me what are the benefits of being consistent then I will just say you one thing that who doesn't want to be self reliant!

only consistency can make you self reliant!

And again if you don't want to be the person who is self dependent, self reliant than this words are probably not for you! Obviously who has the self esteem to prove himself or herself, must need to be consistent!

Best wishes for you all. Thank you so very much for being here!

Hope to see you tomorrow! TaDa...

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