Day - 12: Today I Learn...

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March 21, 2018

Day - 12 - 03/21/2018 - 12.19 AM

Following Successful People...

Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group, One of the persons I follow most! As he stated that start your career in a small company and they will value you, give you a space to learn and to shear your own perspective. Otherwise in a big company you will be a very small part of that! And also he told not to be worried about your mistakes when your are just starting your career because all that mistakes will be great income for you! All that can be determined as a revenue for your life.

I am really happy to follow his words and feeling like more confident to make any decision by myself but obviously measuring the circumstances. You can find his well defined speech here.

Live Life Like a Kung Fu Master!

“A kung fu master could be the ultimate at 40 years old, and you think he doesn’t need to learn any more moves. But a kung fu master needs to learn a different set of moves at 70, when his muscle retention and reflexes aren’t the same. To still be a master, he has to find other things to do to replace what is gone. And so I think [work] is a constant learning curve.” Copied from here.

Another most influential person I follow up everyday! Daymond John. Update yourself everyday to exist in the world for a long time! This is what I learned from him today.

In my opinion it's important to follow failure people along side with successful one! Cause when you are learning new things to be successful, you should be aware of how you could fall! It will strengthen your chances to be a long lasting successful people. I am saying a long lasting success cause,

Everything ever built will fall!

So it's natural to be prepared to fall, otherwise it will hurt much when you fall sudden!

I personally used to it! Hope had a nice day and also hope to have a nicest day ahead...

Thanks for being here. See you tomorrow...

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