Day - 11: Today I Learn...

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March 20, 2018

Day - 11 - 03/20/2018 - 12.02 AM

Wanna live for ever! Be Doer ...

Today the person I most missed is my father! I missed all his words for me! I understood today why at the age of 64, he works daily for 18 hours! I said that before you are my idol and I will follow your words till my death. Love you a lot.

Better be alone then to be with fools!

I realized it before but got a lesson today! I still remember one of the tale from my father that "If you are with 100 foolish in a heaven, they will make it hell to live! But if you are with 100 intelligent people even on hell, they can make it like heaven to live!" So I always choose to do sacrifice to be with more smarter people then me or to be alone if there is none! then to be with bundle of fools!

Please God help me out to be with the good people or give me the ability to make some good people around me. Because I know all the fingers in hand are not equal!

Praise them to be praised!

Respect other to get it back, old words! But very much effective for daily life to handle people around you. Often praise the people to value their works, words or motives! By saying "Thanks" and "Sorry" can be more beneficial to minimize your errors to your superiors! They are really MAGIC WORDS!

All learned from day to day job life. Happy to share with you all. I am really fortunate that I got a bundle of people as my co-worker and or my superior to work with!

Mark twin once said that,

Keep your face always toward the sunshine and your shadow will be behind you!

Looking forward to follow the successful people those who are like the sun!

Will be continuing tomorrow! See you again. TaDa......

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