Day - 13: Today I Learn...

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March 22, 2018

Day - 13 - 03/22/2018 - 12.09 AM

Think before you Talk!

Gone through a very professional lesson today where I learned to think before talk! And I found it very appropriate. Because your words are deeply representing you and your attitude although your motive was not that you talked! Once you talked and you meant it! There is a well said saying that,

Human being needs one year to learn how to talk, but it takes lifetime to learn what to talk and when to talk!

I would have ignore this lesson because I knew what should I talk to whom! But as it's a professional real world you need to be very mature while talking with your superiors! And I will mind it before I talk next time.

Categorize People!

Mentioned earlier that I will be much more positive as much as I can. You can think positively about anybody but you should remark that person and or you should be more careful while dealing with him or her.

You may be vegetarian but that doesn't mean that the cow will not make you harm!

You should categorize people with a view to choose a way to deal with them not to discriminate them. I don't know either it is good or not! But I use to follow it. My personal thinking! You may have your own opinion!

That's all I have for today. Looking forward to have you all next day. Have a nice day.

Thanks a ton for being here.

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