Hi there!

Partha Sarathi KunduI invite you to go for a travel with me, if you really want to know about me! :D Okay, I will state these about me instead that I am a Software Engineer who is working for a Forbes 500 company since joined full-time after my internship under a New York based global outsourcing company. Learning and developing web applications with Drupal ever since I have come to know what web development is! Contributing extensively on drupal.org, an open source platform and working with Acquia certified developers for multiple projects simultaneously.

I love to learn new technologies and cherish to take responsibilities to make myself accountable for bigger impact in team. I know, this is an huge statement but I will say "Try me out!"

Apart from all these professional words about me, I emphasis on thinking and imagining new ideas, complex human behaviors and note them down for further actions! Collecting famous quotes from life and nature is my hobby. I do love a lot writing on Linkedin as I am very much active there! ;p I seek for better mentors both online and offline who follows their own ethics strictly either in professional life or in personal life.

I love quotes! One of my favorite is:

If you think of something, do it.
Plenty of people often think, I’d like to do this, or that. ― Lydia Davis
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This website themes to showcase my professional aspirations and achievements along with my areas of capabilities and interests with a number of stories that can express myself better in a whole.

There are a few ways to leave your mark on this world, one of them is by writing! I only try and bellow these are my newest writings...