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January 1, 2017

Exact 40 minutes left for the next year called 2017. Here I am trying to remember all my faults, gains and untold feelings for the year of 2016. Unfortunately it was somehow not very well for me to survive all of the year of 2016! Yes it's the reality... Although I have learned a lot, cause I never lose anything. It's something funny that I believe that I never lose either I win or I learn! Yes it's the time to disclose the year of 2016, where I had three most specified aims of my life. Here it can be mentioned that I select some specified aims for my upcoming year so that I can not be way out from my track. So truly I had those three ambitions for 2016! But only one of them have succeed and so it was recognized a very bad time of my life. Although I have earned some new directions from this year of 2016 and this can be a plus point for this year. I will continue with this directions and will add some more aims for the year of 2017.

Hope this will help me to get a recovery for my last year! As I mentioned I have had some aims for the new year or more specifically I have 4 aims or prospectus for this new year. All over the world the peoples are always competing with each other and it's sounds natural for all human beings. Here I have to compete with myself to keep me punctual for all the time I repeat all the F****** time to be punctual with my targets. I know and believe that it will help me to get overcome with the previous year faults and leaking.

The most wanted and followed line will be "BE PUNCTUAL!" for me all over the year of 2017. And it must be a full of professional thoughts for the whole time of 2017, I will ensure that in every step of my step over the year 2017.

Again wish you all a mutual happy new year 2017...

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